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Our team is your team, our team runs all hours of the clock and all time zones are covered.

  • Make it stand out.24x7x365 Global Ticketing Systems
  • You may have multiple and global locations, working with various service and support providers.
  • As an organization, you need to be up and running all the time.
  • We offer remote ticketing systems solutions.
  • We work on your ticketing platforms

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing offers immediate cost savings today, even as it promises a future of greater agility, speed, and reach. Cloud is Ready!! Are you Ready for Cloud And it’s a Maze, we are here to handhold you, migrate and manage the SLA and co-ordinate vendors for you. What would you need IaaS, PaaS, SaaS?

#1  Reason to consider : Your best bet against Force Majeure
#2  Business Continuity is Assured
#3  Everything is available from everywhere
#4  All are managed by Experts
#5  Vendors Manage and look after Security and upgrades and backup’s ; you are worry free.
#6  No upfront Financial investment, you become insensitive to Moore’s Law.

NexGen Networks

Yes, we are entering into the world of James Bonds, Magicians and Mission Impossible, one through x reality from virtual reality with NexGen Network technologies and it’s penetration into our daily lives. The most anxious and tedious tasks which demanded the personal discipline in the industry will be automated on atomic clock via these networks. The automation will bring efficiencies and optimization with scales. Yes, one can clone a human, but no two humans are same. But human can build systems which are same to every degree and do it repeatedly at scales with effective cost.


IP Traffic is growing exponentially because of internet penetration, bandwidth availability and advancement of mobile data access coupled with media applications. These are creating business need for Visualization application which are interactive and available across all the access platforms via PC, Tablet, Mobile, etc.


Solution is a well-designed agile network infrastructure with best of technology platform for content retrieval and delivery. A continuous scanning of marketplace to find the right mix of technology at right cost points. An in-depth understanding of your business need mapped to the technology marketplace in real time and seamlessly.

Inteli Platforms as Partner:

Our competent agile and Network architecture team will deliver the design. One thing about our team is that they are in continuous learning process and you get to take advantage of their continuous market energumen knowledge. How we achieve service level, is that we map and document your existing networks. (Intrigue: Guess how many can find your recent updated network design document and asset List!! Try). Your hardware and software assets. We reference your design to our current market state (CMS) design and identify the gaps and present you with the optimal solution. The design is only good if the configurations and access policies and audits are done right. We bring all that expertise for you.

Access via Wi-Fi:

This is going to be the Mode of access for voice and data. No one would see much of hanging wires; it’s a reality already. Whatever your business need demands indoor / outdoor / accredited personnel / guests/ strangers, we take care of your needs for capacity planning, security, spectrum analysis, audit, and all related Enterprise level Wi-Fi best practices. Along with the mentioned assessment and implementation, as an organization, we are in a race with the ever-changing technology world, which you would leverage as our partner, the fully vetted competent solutions related to future forward-looking network architectures like Access to Cloud platforms via intelligent WAN, Access Convergence with mixed wired and wireless, RF bandwidth access, Advanced Wi-Fi design and Security, Wi-Fi load management, encryptions, IPv6, implementation of internet of things with Universal Power over Ethernet (UPoE, PoE+). For NextGen network of IoT security layer, access authentication is of predominant factors to enforce; you are in with a right partner to implement the things which provide optimized cost structure and resource planning.

Enterprise Internet of Things (IoT)

You know it all; this is exciting and interesting stuff. Be it as smart blue dial as a nest or an advances avionics systems or Industrial safety values where humans no need to exposure risks too, IoT is the way to go. At Intelli Platform’s we have talent who designed, implemented and delivered d Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions to several clients. As this is an ever growing industry that may have to reach every nook and corner of the inhabited and uninhabited land, sky, and water, we made investments and positioned to be an experienced solution leader in the area of IoT. We are here as your partner to build, design, and implement Networks and Infrastructures for your IoT Solutions. In addition, we bring a host of expertise, strategic relationships, technology partnership that needed to implement an effective solution for your business needs…

Our experience and implementation in the past encompasses design and implementation of:
  • Video Surveillance Systems
  • Street Traffic Management and Analytics
  • Public Safety Camera Systems
  • Ubiquitous wireless systems
We guide you as a partner in various roles as:
  • Solution Design and Architecture
  • Guiding you to the right IoT Infrastructure and Security platforms (PaaS)
  • Management Consulting
  • Building Analytics Platforms
  • Project Delivery
  • Engineering Support
  • Managed Services
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Talent Scouting

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